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Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Lovin'

Some trunk loving going on today. I'm just itching to go to a flea market or maybe hit some antique stores this weekend. I would love to find a trunk about the size of the one in the above picture.
I need to clean and organize my studio this weekend. Here are some pictures I found out there in blogland a while ago. I can't remember whose studio this is. I like it. And I'm lovin' the cute yellow tool box/tote and the window frame hung on the wall. Just a fun, cheery studio.

Another shot of said studio. Very inviting. Now I need to make mine just a tad more inviting. Making a path to find my desk would be a great start!
Have a wonderful weekend. I'm going to try to pay a visit to my favorite scrapbook store here in San Diego: Paper Tales. A girl's got to celebrate National Scrapbook Day/Weekend, right?

1 comment:

Kasey said...

oh, i love old trunks...then paint them up.....
have fun scouting one out...