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Monday, May 11, 2009


Look what my Jake gave to me on Mother's Day morning! A Chinese take-out container made to look like a watering can with some flower seeds inside! Love it. Also, he made a card for me with butterflies and glitter (Daddy helped)! Thank you, my little buddy.
And this is what my oldest boy, Sean, gave to me: A booklet consisting of four pages. On the front cover, Sean made the tulips so that they stand out. Beautiful work. And see the butterfly on the bottom right corner? It's a pin made of clay! Sean painted the butterfly and glued a pin on the back. I am so wearing this on my outfit to work. Thank you, sweet Sean!

Here's a close-up, albeit blurry, picture of the butterfly pin.

Here's the first page of the booklet. Sean chose the descriptive words and his teacher helped put it in poem format. Other pages include a bio of me, from Sean's point of view, and also 5 things Sean loves about me.
What a wonderful keepsake. I love it.
The boys also helped me prepare chocolate chip crescent rolls for breakfast, along with milk and yogurt. And Sean helped made a pork chop dinner for our family. What a fun day.

Daddy helped Sean make a card for me, also. Lots of glitter and hearts and butterflies and love.
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day, too.


Kasey said...

what sweet, sweet boys you have;-)

Kasey said...

just checking back in......
everything o.k.???

jennalee said...

come on over for the flip flop swap

Kasey said...

me again...
time for a new

Joyce's Journey said...

Hi Tammy! I was the lucky recipient of one of your flip flops in the swap hosted by Jennifer from Artrageous Afternoon. I just LOVE it!! The one I received has adorable cherries on it with a very pretty crocheted rose and a cute little saying, "This is the Life". It looks great on the banner I hung it on, hanging over a mirror in my dining room. You did a great job and I thank you!!