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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beautiful patina

What is it about a worn, chippy item, aged to a beautiful patina that makes my heart flutter so? I love furniture, items, people with a story and history. I found this great weighing scale on ebay recently. I love it. Fits in nicely with my other decor. Hope your weekend was fun and relaxing. I enjoyed mine with my boys and dogs. We didn't do much as I'm still recovering. However, I was able to attend a Stampin' Up class using the Big Shot die cut machine and I made some fun items. I'll post pictures tomorrow. I especially love the "FAMILY" banner that I made.

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Saucy said...

That scale is beautifully aged. I have a new one but I would like to age it somehow. I think I will scratch it up and get some acid from my dad and grunge it up a bit.