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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My oldest son, Sean, gave a book report yesterday. He used some figures that he and I drew and that he colored. The title of the story Sean chose to do his report on was "The Knife In The Watermelon", one of Encyclopedia Brown's mystery stories. So Sean made a watermelon out of clay and then painted it green and added some black lines. We put magnets on the back of everything and used a cookie sheet as a display board. Sean had his report memorized and did a great job.

Today, Sean's brother, Jake, took this same story board to his first grade class and gave the same book report. Jake had been listening to his brother prepare for his report for about three weeks now and Jake knew the story inside and out, too. Jake did a great job in front of his classmates, too. This was not an assignment for Jake, just something he wanted to share with his class.
Here's a close-up of the watermelon with a "knife" stuck in it. Also pictured is a money box that was broken into by the thief.

I'm still home recovering from my fall. Tools for recovery: Some great new magazines, "Artful Blogging", "Where Women Create", and the last issue of "County Home" magazine.

And some hot green tea in my new Orla Kiely mug, an English designer who has a new line at Target. With my yellow lab, Casper, sitting right next to me, I can't help but recover quickly!
Have a great day!

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